What I offer

Individual psychotherapy for Adults

“I thought I could face this by relying on my strengths; but it has been going like this for too long and I don’t know any more what to do.”

People often seek support after they have tried hard to cope with a difficult situation. Seeking psychotherapy is a sign of courage and determination to claim for self a better condition.
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Therapy for Couples


“We can’t communicate anymore. Anything triggers a fight. It’s a continuous conflict.”

When conflicts become too painful and the partners are determined to improve their relationship, it’s when they seek couple therapy. Or, if separation is decided, couple therapy is a support to live it in the most amicable way possible, especially if children are involved.
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“I love my job and so far I have been successful. However, the situation at work has changed, and I am struggling. I want to find a new approach, because I really want to keep growing!”

The word coach immediately reminds us of athletes and the person working with them to constantly improve their performance. Besides sport, coaching has gained space in professional and private life as a sort of individual, personalized training opportunity.

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