Frequent questions

  • What does it mean „in Ausbildung unter Supervision“?
    „In Ausbildung unter Supervision“ is a formal title given by the Ministry of Health that means „in training under supervision“.
    Psychotherapists in training under supervision have reached the last phase in their education and training as therapists and work with the guidance of an experienced psychotherapist.
    They are formally authorized to practice therapy with patients by a recognized training institution that certificates their acquired method-specific competence.
  • How long does therapy last?
    Every individual and every situation is unique and the length of the therapy depends on your specific needs and the goal you want to achieve. Generally, the systemic approach that I use aims at a therapy as short as possible, with the awareness that sometimes reaching the therapeutic goal may require some time. It will be you to decide when you have reached the goal and it‘s time to close our work together.
  • How frequently should we meet?
    The frequency of the sessions is agreed together and is adapted to your specific needs. The frequency may also vary along the therapeutic process.
  • Are you authorized to prescribe medication?
    No, as a psychotherapist I am not authorized to prescribe medication. If during our sessions we think that you may benefit from a pharmaceutical treatment, I will be glad to refer to you a specialist, so that you can have the appropriate medical evaluation.